PUBG Xbox One Controls

Here are the controls for PlayerUnknown's BattleGround on Xbox One. There is also a video of some insane PUBG kills below!

Basic Controls:

  • A ---------------Jump
  • B ---------------Crouch
  • B (Hold)-------Prone
  • Y-----------------Equip Weapon
  • Y (Hold)--------Un Equip Weapon
  • X-----------------Interact
  • X (Hold)--------Reload
  • RB---------------Switch Camera
  • RB+(R Stick)---Free Look (when not scoped)
  • RB+(L Stick)---Scope Zoom (when scoped)
  • RT----------------Fire Weapon
  • RT(Hold)--------Use Grenade
  • LT ----------------1st Person/Aim Down Sights
  • LT (Hold)--------3rd Person View

  • L Stick------------Movement

  • L Stick (Click)--Sprint

  • R Stick------------Look

  • Select-------------Map

  • Start---------------Inventory

  • Start (Hold)------Settings Menu

(Directional Pad)

  • Up-------------------Equip Melee Weapon
  • Right-------------------Equip/Change Throwable
  • Down-------------------Change Consumable
  • Down (Hold)----------Use Consumable
  • Left ------------------Change Fire Mode

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